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  Common Round Wire Nails
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         Electro Galvanized Steel Common Round Wire Nails


Technical Information:

Material: High quality low carbon steel Q195 or Q215 or Q235
Finish : good polished, flat head, diamond point, hot-galvanized/electro-galvanized, smooth shank.
Surface treatment: polished or electro galvanized
Length: 1/2 " - 8"
diameter of the shank: BWG5 - BWG17
Packing: 20-30kg/carton, or inside have the small boxes or bags.

15 Degree Screw Shank Bright Common Wire Roofing Nails for Construction Operated with mechanical or pneumatic tools:

Material:Iron Q195, Q235
Type:Flat Head Coil Nail
Wire Diameter: 2.1-3.8mm (0.083"-0.150")
Length: 25-130mm(0.985"-5.122")
Shank: Screw Shank
Surface Treatment:Polished, galvanized or hot dipped galvanized, hot dipped galvanized
Nail Point:Diamond
Collating Angle: 15 degree
Size: 1/2”-6”
Diameter: BWG6-20


Common Round Nails: Common nails for general fastening uses, made of carbon steel, with zinc plating galvanized treatment.

We have built a whole set of effective management system from raw materials procurement, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, transport and delivery to the after-sales service.

All Kinds of Nails 
Our plant produces various nails, including the steel collated nails, headless nails, steel sheet nails, concrete nails, screwed nails, twisted nails, square boat nail, corrugated nails, felt nails, drywall nails, drilling nails, self tapping screws, etc. A variety of nail products in good quality. We can also make nails to meet your special requirements.

Common Nail Specification:

size Length,
in a
Safe Lateral Load Resistance to with drawal
2d 1 15 876                             
3d 1¼  14 568      
4d 12½ 316      
5d 12½ 271      
6d 2 11½ 181 1 70 27
7d 11½ 161      
8d 10¼ 106 100 32
9d 10½ 96     32
10d 3 9 69 120 36
12d 9 64 1 5/8 130 36
16d 8 49 1 5/8 160 40
20d 6 31 2 190 48
30d 4½  5 24 230 52
40d 5 4 18 2 1/3 270 56
50d 3 14 310 61
60d 6 2 11 3 360 67
Chequered Head Electro Galvanized Common Wire Nails
  Material: Q195, Q215 wire rod as high-quality low-carbon-steel
Finish: Polished, electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized.
Head: common head, countersunk head, lose head, flat countersunk chequerred head
Shank: plain, round
Point: diamond point, round point
Standing: BS EN 10230-1:2000, normal
Packing: plastic bag,carton box,wooden box or according to your requirement.
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