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         Concrete nails  
  With special materials, concrete nails are specialty nails compared with common iron nails. It is harder, the shank is short and thick commonly and it has excellent piecing and fixing strength. With these features, concrete nails make ideal nails and fasteners for firm and strong sites.
  Galvanized concrete nails offer excellent anti-bending, anti-crack and safety uses due to the processing of advanced heat treatment technology. It is made from high quality The nail surface treatment can be polished, electro galvanizing, blackish, etc. We can also supply screw shank, T cap and other special concrete nails according to your specific requirements.
Galvanized Steel Concrete Nails(Smooth Shank or Twilled Shank)
Nail Sizes 1.8×20mm 4.2×75mm
Nail Sizes 2×25mm 4.57×100mm
Nail Sizes 3×40mm 4.8×80mm
Nail Sizes 3.4×50mm 4.8×90mm
Nail Sizes 3.8×65mm 5×125mm
Black Concrete Nails/Bluish Concrete Nails
Nail Sizes 2×20mm 2×25mm 2×30mm
Nail Sizes 2.5×25mm 2.5×30mm 2.5×40mm
Nail Sizes 3×30mm 3×40mm 3×50mm
Nail Sizes 3×60mm 3×60mm 3×70mm
Nail Sizes 3×80mm 3×90mm 3×100mm
Nail Sizes 4.2×75mm 4.2×100mm 4.2×125mm
Color Concrete Nails
Nail Sizes 3×25mm 3×30mm 3.2×40mm
Nail Sizes 3.6×50mm 4×60mm 4.2×75mm
Nail Sizes 4.2×100mm    
Sunk-Head Concrete Nails
Nail Sizes 2.5×25mm 2.5×30mm 2.5×40mm
Nail Sizes 3×30mm 3×40mm 3.2×50mm
Nail Sizes 3.6×65mm 4×75mm 4.2×100mm
K Concrete Nails / T Concrete Nails
Nail Sizes 3×25mm 3×40mm 3.8×25mm
Nail Sizes 3.8×40mm 3.8×50mm 3.8×65mm
Nail Sizes 3.8×75mm 3.8×100mm  
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