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  Nails Types and Sizes
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         Nails Types and Size  
  Types of nails can be described by shanks, heads and points, besides sizes.
Shank Types of Nails
  Most nails have smooth shanks.
Ring-shank nails are used with softwood, in situations where the nail will be pushed from side to side, which tends to enlarge the hole and free smooth-shank nails.
Spiral-shank nails are mostly used with hardwood. They have great holding power.
Nail Heads
  Most nails have flat heads, in some cases very large ones.
  The brad head is found on finishing nails and brads. Usually it is cupped; that is, it has a small depression in the middle of the head that serves to steady a nail set.
  Duplex heads are used where the nail must be removed later, for example, in constructing movie sets.
Nail Points
  Most nails have a diamond point, a 4-sided pyramid. Some however, have needle points, and a few types have a chisel point or a duckbill point.
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